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Continuous Pyrolysis Fuel Oil & Used Tire

Continuous Pyrolysis Fuel Oil & Used Tire

Continuous waste oil refining plant & used engine/motor oil to diesel recycling plant

Background info regarding waste oil refining machine:

Function:?Recycling waste oil, Pyrolysis oil, tyre oil, plastic oil, engine oil and motor oil into diesel and gasoline

Technology:?Crude oil to diesel distillation technology


- Solve pollution problem caused by used engine oil and motor oil

- Recycling tyre oil, plastic oil and motor oil into renewable biodiesel and gasoline

-Raw materials - waste oil, engine oil are low cost, even get subsidy from government

- End products - standard diesel gain wealth and profits

- Certified by SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, BV, TUV


- Design, customize available

- Manufacturing with automatic machines

- Delivery in 15 days

- Installation and training service after sale

- One year warranty

Used motor oil refining plant working process:

First, pump the waste oil into reactor by oil machine.

Second, use coal/wood/natural gas/fuel oil/electricity heating the reactor.

Third, after heating some time, the liquid oil will become oil gas, oil gas will be liquefied through cooling pipe and condensers then goes into oil tank. Have a look at get mixed oil, or u may also call it fuel petrol. If you wanna get diesel and gasoline separately, through temperature control could separate it and collected into two different oil tanks.

Fourth, some gases (syngas) like Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, and Hydrogen will not be liquefied under normal pressure and normal temperature seem recycled to fireplace furnace heating the reactor.

Fifth, when use burning material heating the reactor, will produce some smoking. These smokes will go into our de-dusting system, the inside we design some underhand nozzles, these nozzles will spraying some chemical water, the dust will be absorbed with the chemical water and flowing into the de-dusting mishaps. In the pool we will put some chemical might remove the sulfur.

Sixth, the exhaust gas will visit the chimney sucked by draft fan, when emission the exhaust gas turn out to be steam, no pollution.

Advantages one's waste engine oil recycling plant:


1. The auto welding machine for your reactor, they can not only greatly improve working efficiency but also guarantee excellent of welding seam, thus avoid explosion caused by gas leak.

2. Professional heating treatment and x-ray detection chamber are especially for welding.

3. Vacuum system can prevent oil gas from moving back to reactor and causing accident.

4. Professional thermometer, pressure gauge and safety control device.

5. Preserving the earth . dangerous to burn exhaust gas(C1 to C4) without any safety measures. In our process, it is transferred first through the safety device and safe gas gun. Before burning, need to ensure the safety of levels.

Environment friendly:

1. Well water dedusting system can avoid black smoke.

2. The waste gas will be recycled for heating reactor, no gas pollution

3. Every junction among the reactor is set in good sealing situation with professional sealing lessons.

Long service life:

1. Material: Q345R special steel plate ,thickness 16mm.

2. Welding: Automatic welding machine with heating treatment and x-ray detection will prolong needed life of reactor on the max.

Running waste motor oil refining machine for customer visiting:

Our factory owns the 2000 square meters demo running waste motor oil refining distillation plant for clients planning a trip to. There we installed different types of machine, tire pyrolysis machine, plastics to oil machine, waste tires/plastic crude oil distillation machine and waste engine oil to diesel machine. In this way, should know device working and quality more enticing. Besides, we have standard laboratory to test oil yield and oil quality, at the same time, it might sure latest technology we promote to your market successfully. We will arrange rich experienced engineer to your country for waste oil refining distillation machine installing and workers training, excited for our good relationship.

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